Subtopic 3: Predicting effects of energy changes

Sub-Topic #3

To help students understand the particulate nature of matter, the third sub-topic in this unit will focus on prediction and communication of energy changes using energy bar charts.

Students will first view a presentation titled “Energy Bar Charts” in class and will discus how to draw them.  They will practice this skill by completing a worksheet with various energy transfer examples. Next, student will watch “Absolute Zero”, a NOVA video about the pursuit of “cooling” from beginning in the 17th century through modern times.  Next, students will complete the worksheet, “Energy Bar Charts, Particle Diagram, Phase Change Graph”  to review topics covered thus far in unit.  Finally, students will create an energy bar chart “game” for their classmates using Quizizz.  

Of the technologies discussed in the last two units (game technologies immersive learning technologies) game technology best fits this lesson because it would be very difficult for students to represent an energy diagram in a virtual environment.  Games are an effective way for students to share what they know about energy diagrams both as the game creator and player.  Posting the game allows students to view one another’s game and learn from their peers.   


Learners will be able to:

  • Make energy bar charts for various examples of energy transfer.
  • Make an energy bar chart game for four different energy transfer examples.


After viewing and discussing the presentation on energy bar charts, practicing making energy bar charts, watching the NOVA video “Absolute Zero”,  and completing the worksheet, “Energy Bar Charts, Particle Diagram, Phase Change Graph”, brainstorm at least four different energy transfer examples, make energy bar charts for each, and use the images to create a Quizizz game for your classmates.

Link to Google Doc of Assignment:


Example of activity completed with Quizizz