EDU627 Project Management Final Project: Student Self-Assessment Using Google Classroom

Self-assessment is a behavior of successful learners.  McMillan and Hearn (2008) write that, “Correctly implemented, student self-assessment can promote intrinsic motivation, internally controlled effort, a mastery goal orientation, and more meaningful learning” (p. 40).  They define self-assessment as not simply checking ones own work but, “…monitor(ing) and evaluat(ing) the quality of thinking and behavior…and identify(ing) strategies (to) improve…understanding and skills” (McMillan, et. al., 2008, p.40).  Self-assessment is supported by several theories of learning including cognitive and constructivist theories, metacognition theory and self-efficacy theory.  Self-efficacy refers to one’s perception of their ability to do well and the value of doing well (McMillan, et. al., 2008, p.44).  Self-assessment allows students to attribute their success to ability and effort and encourages students to, “….commit more resources to continued study…” (McMillan, et. al., 2008, p.44). 

Project Overview

Project_Management_LifecycleSelf-assessment is not consistently used in middle and high school math and science classes at Plainville High School.  Technology based student self-assessments will be designed to support a student-learning objective of the middle and high school math and science departments.  These self-assessments will increase student motivation for learning as measured by students’ problem solving ability.  This project will include student and teacher training and will be span a period of six months.  A quality management plan will be used to determine success of the project. 

This project will provide teachers with background and examples of self-assessment and train them how to use Google Classroom to quickly and easily integrate self-assessment into their problem-solving lessons.  Teaching students to use Google Classroom to complete their self-assessments will also be part of the project.  Quality management will determine the success of teacher and student training and the degree of implementation.

EDU627 Final Project TULLO

WBS and Training Sequence for Final Project-Tullo


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